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平清水焼 絵付










About Hiraizumi-yaki:

Hiraizumi-yaki is a traditional pottery produced in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture. This pottery has flourished since the mid-Edo period and is known as one of the three major ancient kilns in Japan. The distinctive feature of Hiraizumi-yaki lies in its unique glaze and color. The glaze is transparent yet subtly tinged with blue or yellow, creating a refreshing and elegant atmosphere. Vibrant colors are also a characteristic of Hiraizumi-yaki, with vivid glazes such as red, yellow, green, and blue being predominantly used. The beauty of these colors is what makes Hiraizumi-yaki so captivating.

Hiraizumi-yaki products encompass a wide range of items, including tableware, flower vases, tea bowls, incense burners, flower containers, and stationery. The shapes and designs vary greatly, ranging from traditional patterns and landscapes to modern and abstract designs. These pottery items are produced at the Hiraizumi kilns in Yamagata City. While preserving traditional techniques and craftsmanship, the kilns also incorporate new ideas and designs to meet modern needs.

Hiraizumi-yaki has gained high recognition both in Japan and internationally for its exquisite glaze, colors, and unique designs. It is popular as a souvenir or gift, and I encourage you to experience the beauty of Hiraizumi-yaki by holding its products when you visit Yamagata City.”

Engagement with Hiraizumi-yaki:

For dishware, we employ a type of painting pigment called “Gosu” and apply a single-color design to the plates. At the painting stage, the originally amber-colored Gosu transforms into a jet-black line drawing, offering various possibilities for the appearance of the painted plates. Since I have always enjoyed drawing with ballpoint pens and pencils, creating single-color designs is a delightful process for me. I aim to produce a series of 10 to 20 artworks specifically for exhibitions.