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ApproachMAIKA's Expression in Art

Region×ArtCulture Becomes Art
Art Becomes an Identity

I feel that Art has a greater and more enduring impact in regional cities than in downtown of major cities, where trends change rapidly and there is a lot of content coming and going. Also, at a time when people are worried about the lack of places of entertainment and gathering, the influence of Art reaches people's hearts more clearly and directly.

"Lost history" "buried culture" "feelings I want to cherish" Capturing these with the same perspective as the local people, fusing with my own unique worldview, with vivid expression of color – The Art done in this way not only brings peace and hope to people living in the place, but also brings "fresh nostalgia" to people from the city.

I would be happy if MAIKA KOBAYASHI's Art could be the starting point for all kinds of actions and encounters, and one of the bridges to that land.

Traditional Craft×ArtTradition Needs to Be Preserved
Thus Change Must Be Made

Over the long history, various kinds of traditional handicrafts have been made by following the techniques and rules inherited by craftsmen.
Times change, however, and the tradition might also be required to change.
The most important thing is to "inherit the traditional technology and culture".
Market demand is essential for not letting manufacturers stop production.

Traditional handicrafts: these are unique existences made of the soul and the story of the ancestors.
Now, these existences met MAIKA KOBAYASHI.

A brand-new idea and beauty are added, while getting close to the history,
the background, and crafters’ mind.
I am here with you to breathe new life into products that are to be chosen in a new era.

Japanese Dance Performance×ArtArt Goes Beyond the Canvas

Art presented by MAIKA KOBAYASHI does not stick to tangible things.
It goes beyond planar and three-dimensional,
through the sound, light and movement of the multi-angle representation.

The unique Japanese dance performance has a completely different aesthetic feeling from the painting on the canvas.
When it is fused with the Art of MAIKA KOBAYASHI,
a gorgeous, mysterious, and powerful world is depicted on the stage.

The work is created by the team, which inspires new ideas,
to jump out of the limits of expression.