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artgallery MAIKA KOBAYASHIの作品集



Rage and Serenity: The Cosmic Oiran


JPY ¥880,000 (+tax & shipping fee)

【Size】W 39.36in x H 39.36in x D 0.98in

【Medium】Painting (Acrylic art)

【Edition】Original Artwork


【Sign】Artists’ signature on the back of the artwork






This painting captures an oiran, adorned in a red kimono with strawberry patterns, holding a Hannya mask. She stands before a grand cosmic backdrop, with a black hole at its center, gazing directly ahead. The Hannya symbolizes the intermediate stage of resentment, representing a state of jealousy and hysteria. This profound darkness and the gravitational pull of the black hole are metaphorically linked to the anger lurking deep within the woman’s heart. Contrary to her outwardly charming appearance, the artwork vividly portrays inner conflict and rage.

This piece is intriguing not only for its visual appeal but also for its exploration of deep psychological themes. The intense red hue aims not to evoke fear but to imbue the viewer with energy and power. By blending the traditional imagery of the oiran with a contemporary view of the universe, the work attempts to bridge the classical with the modern.