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artgallery MAIKA KOBAYASHIの作品集




画家として初めて花魁を描いた時、ただただ美しいと感じました。女郎としての悲哀を見栄で隠してきた花魁の粋に触れた瞬間、狭い世界の中でこんなに美しい文化を作り上げた彼女たちの精一杯の一生を、恥や闇という言葉で決して否定したくない。 日本が誇るべき和文化として、世界の人々に共感してほしいと願っています。

When I first painted OIRAN as a painter, I simply found them beautiful. The moment I was touched by the chic of the OIRAN, who have concealed their sorrow as a woman groom with their vanity, I never want to deny the life of these women to the fullest, who have created such a beautiful culture in a small world, with words like shame and darkness. I hope that people around the world will share in this Japanese culture that Japan should be proud of.



The earth-patterned Uchikake is filled with my desire to deal with the theme of Hanakai (courtesans). An extension of the times. Life born on earth in the same country. Wearing the earth and thinking of the universe filled with endless possibilities, the “oiran” figure signifies liberation and reincarnation from an implied dark history. As a place for those who were forced to leave their place, we have reincarnated them in a painting like a flower that continues to bloom strongly.

From a time when there was no choice, to a time when there is an abundance of choice, “Hanakai in earth-patterned Uchikake dancing freely in the world. The era in which I was born is a cage of 80 years. We have freed these women (oiran) from their historical backgrounds and reborn them into art that only reincarnates their beauty, and we will continue to add captions to them as often as we can.