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artgallery MAIKA KOBAYASHIの作品集



Embrace of Reverie

現在、かみのやま温泉 古窯内のBAR YOPIKARI にて展示中。

JPY ¥700,000 (+tax & shipping fee)

【Size】W 23.34in x H 32.99in x D 1.18in

【Medium】Painting (Acrylic art)

【Edition】Original Artwork


【Sign】Artists’ signatures on the front of the artworks




この作品は、MAIKA KOBAYASHIの特異なアート世界を象徴しています。青色のみを使用し、黒い背景に二人の抱擁する姿を捉えたこの絵画は、夢と現実のあいまいな境界を探究しています。少女がぎゅっと目を閉じ、相手を抱きしめる様子は、深い感情的結びつきや求める安心感を表していますが、もう一人の顔が青い泡で表現されていることで、その関係の儚さや不確実性を強調しています。





This painting epitomizes the unique art world of MAIKA KOBAYASHI, symbolizing the exploration of the ambiguous boundaries between dreams and reality. Utilizing only shades of blue against a black background, the artwork captures the embrace of two figures, delving into the deep emotional connections and the desire for reassurance. The depiction of a girl tightly closing her eyes and hugging the other figure conveys a deep emotional bond and a longing for comfort, while the portrayal of the other’s face as blue bubbles emphasizes the transient and uncertain nature of their relationship.

KOBAYASHI employs a method of transferring vivid images and emotions felt in dreams onto the canvas. In this work, the remnants of dreams are depicted as bubbles, visualizing the fleeting nature of emotions brought by dreams and their evanescence in memory. The technique of painting as if hurling the brush onto the canvas imbues the piece with tension and rawness.

The poem that inspired the painting adds emotional depth behind the artwork. Beginning with a chance encounter in an amusement park and leading to a profound emotional outburst, it delicately portrays intimacy and the subsequent feeling of loss. The unspecified presence of an acquaintance symbolizes the fragmented and ambiguous memories people have when recalling someone.

This painting is deeply connected to the theme common in KOBAYASHI’s works, “Liberation from Fixed Notions.” By basing the art on the unreal experience of a dream to explore emotions and relationships unattainable in the real world, it presents the possibility of new perceptions through visual arts. Similar to her previous works that blend the traditional image of the courtesan with contemporary cosmic views, this piece also attempts to bridge the past and present, dreams and reality, showcasing the exploration of timeless human emotions through the lens of modern experiences.