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Maika Kobayashi Career Timeline (2009〜2024)


1986: Born in Tokyo.
2005: Graduated from Nihon University Faculty of Psychology.
2009: Awarded the highest honor at Tokyo Design Academy.

◆Solo Exhibitions◆

2010: Ouchi Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.
2011: The Artcomplex Center, Tokyo; Art marché utt, Tokyo.
2012: Shibata-cho Gallery, Osaka.
2014: The Artcomplex Center, Tokyo.
2016: Gallery Guild, Tokyo.
2017: Onishi Gallery, Manhattan, New York; Shipton Street Gallery, London, UK; Majide Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2018: Basement Ginza, Tokyo; Gallery Gei, Tokyo; Assort Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
2019: Haneda Airport International Terminal, Tokyo; Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC), Thailand.

◆Group & Display Exhibitions◆

2009: Cube Space Club, Omotesando, Tokyo; Nalu Cafe, Omotesando, Tokyo.
2010: ”Cafe?”, Nishiogikubo, Tokyo; Nalu Cafe, Omotesando, Tokyo; Colors, Shinjuku, Tokyo; Cafe Indian Summer, Koenji, Tokyo.
2011: Musica Hall Cafe, Sapporo, Hokkaido.
2013: United Cafe, Sangenjaya, Tokyo.
2014: Jazz & Cafe “Whisper”, Sangenjaya, Tokyo; Room403, Harajuku, Tokyo; Colors, Shinjuku, Tokyo.
2015: Room403, Harajuku, Tokyo; Colors, Shinjuku, Tokyo; Kosugi Gallery, Musashikosugi, Tokyo; Gallery Little House, Kyoto; Graceful, Harajuku, Tokyo; Hankyu-Umeda, Umeda, Osaka; Caffe & Bar Ponte, Kanagawa.
2016: Gallery Cafe Teo, Nagoya; Colors, Shinjuku, Tokyo; Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.
2017: Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles; Gallery Tenjin Art Friends, Fukuoka; Gallery #1010, Nagoya; Gallery Scala, Nagoya; Caffe & Bar Ponte, Kanagawa.
2018: Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles.
2019: Space Sakura, Harajuku, Tokyo.

〜From 2020 Onwards〜

2020/11/28: Exhibition and sale at Espal Yamagata Station’s SHOBIDO.

1/21: Seminar hosted by Yamagata Prefecture.
2/3: Online discussion with Chiko Beniko.
3/23: Limited sale of “Starter Set” postcards.
7/29: Solo exhibition “Unknown Fantasy Land, Hawaii” at Shibuya Marui.
8/1: Collaborative photo booth with Yamagata Symphony Orchestra.
8/16: Mural at Takamiya Rurikura Resort, Zao Onsen, spanning 22 meters.
9/6: Special display of four new works in the lobby of Hotel Matsukinoya Annex in Zao Onsen Street.

3/16: Samoa ↔ Yamagata City exchange meeting.
4/7: “Joyful Exuberance” painted dish exhibition and workshop announcement.
4/18: Live painting with Japanese drums.
4/30: Onimaru Joint Artworks Exhibition.

1/26: Lecture at Yamagata Economic Association’s monthly meeting.
3/29: Solo exhibition “Premonition.”
5/9: Label design for Junmai Daiginjo “Takayou” released in South Korea.
5/20: Update on permanent exhibitions.
9/29: Collaboration beer with Yamagata Prefecture’s BAR YOPIKARI.
10/14: Appeared in “The Power of TV” contest, Yamagata, theme: “Design as a Regional Power.”
12/3: Performance at the grand opening of Roadside Station Yamagata Zao.

2024/2/3: Solo exhibition “Yamagata Four Seasons Album.”


◆Mural Paintings◆

2014: Kanzashiya Wargo, Kyoto.
2017: Kyubee, Kyoto.
2019: Chigusaya, Tokyo; 417tea, Osaka; Rain and Lump, Sapporo, Hokkaido; Platform, Osaka; Rose Garden Shinjuku, Tokyo.
2020: Shobido, Yamagata.
2021: Takamiya Rurikura Resort, Zao, Yamagata.
2022: Fresh Fish & Banquet Hall Miura (Yamagata), The pedestrian deck at the east exit of Yamagata Station, Roadside Station Yamagata Zao (Yamagata).


◆Performance Group “KOOYA”◆

2018: Establishment and management start of “KOOYA” in February and May respectively; Asakusa Shrine performance in Tokyo (July); Organized Show “SHUNMU TOMOKAGAMI” in Tokyo (August and September); Asakusa Samba Carnival (August); Hyper Japan in London (November).

2019: JAPAN EXPO Paris (July); Organized Show at Aux Belles Poules in Paris (July); Organized Show “SHUNMU TOMOKAGAMI” in Tokyo (October); Lhong1919 in Thailand (November); Kawagoe Industrial Festival.

2020: Performance at Haneda Airport International Terminal Edo Stage (January); JAPAN EXPO Thailand (February); Round House Live 2020 at NAMBA Hatch (February); JAPAN EXPO Malaysia ONLINE (July); Organized Show “TENCHI INYŌ” (The Harmony of Yin and Yang).